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Breathe Life Into Your App - Square Melons, Inc.

Breathe Life Into Your App

We believe in your ideas. That’s why we offer you years of experience in business, marketing, and consumer behavior to help you turn your ideas into engaging mobile applications, be it on a freemium or revenue-generating model.

At Square Melons, we value your privacy, which is why we keep your concept confidential and execute a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement as soon as you contact us. From there, we put the concept on paper and create a scope. Once the scope is finalized, we estimate development costs and present them to you. Only after we have your approval do we begin development.

All the applications we develop are tested exhaustively on different devices as well as on all the platforms on which they will be launched. This screens out bugs, compatibility and performance issues, and any coding errors. Upon completion of testing, the application goes live on the respective app store(s). But our work doesn’t end there. We market the application for you, gauge feedback, and update it as necessary.

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