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Defining Virtual Charisma - Square Melons, Inc

Defining Virtual Charisma

Does your website appeal to your target audience with its unique design? Does it provide a memorable yet easy-going user experience? If you haven’t overhauled your website in the last couple of years, or are stuck with an old template, chances are that your website is outdated, at least according to current web standards. It may not even work properly on mobile devices.

When we browse websites, we tend to appreciate a sense of style, just as we do when we shop for clothes or look for a new house to buy. The design of a website and how quickly we are able to find on it what we are searching for decide whether or not we are going to keep browsing that website. If the design isn’t compelling and the navigation feels slow, we are likely to leave it and never return.

It’s the same with your visitors. Whether a visitor views your site on their computer, smartphone, or tablet, it is imperative that you make a great first impression on them. To accomplish this, you need to work with talented web designers and developers who are more like artists than programmers and can use their creativity and experience to turn your website into a work of art. Original, hand-crafted designs create unique websites that can be tailored to your needs and are optimized for all the major search engines. Furthermore, they can be scaled in time as your business grows.

At Square Melons, we use all our creative resources to provide our clients with designs that have a “wow” factor included. Feel free to browse through our exciting portfolio of websites, WAP sites, mobile applications, and software development projects to see some of the work we have completed over the years for clients around the world, and you will understand what we mean. If you like what you see, contact us now and we will take your website to a whole new level.

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