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Mobile Browser (WAP) Development

WAP Site Design & Development Houston

Mobile website development refers to the development of a website that can be easily accessed from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Considering how widely used mobile devices are, every business or organization needs a mobile website, else it may lose visitors and customers.

Why Choose Square Melons For Mobile Website Design and Development?

Mobile website design and development is one of the areas we specialize in at At Square Melons. Our team of mobile website designers are well versed in the essential mobile development programming languages WML (Wireless Markup Language) and XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language), as well as in Microsoft and open source web development technologies and can create lightweight web pages that can be delivered and viewed on any mobile device. Our approach to mobile website design is highly effective: we begin with your ideas and requirements, and then focus on the programming aspects while ensuring W3C standard compliance.

WAP Site Design and Development

We also specialize in website application design (WAP) and can create for you beautiful and easy to use WAP site solutions. Our approach to WAP site design aims for a graphic and visual design perfect for your industry, product, region, and market. We use clear and crisp typography for easy viewing on mobile devices as well as an uniform page layout.

To create the best mobile website for your needs, we overcome common mobile website development challenges related to:

  • Screen size
  • JavaScript and cookies
  • Multiple browser tabs
  • Navigational functionality
  • Speed
  • Compressed and broken pages
  • Content size
  • Graphics, audio, video, and images

Our Solutions to Mobile Website Design and Mobile Website Development

  • CMS mobile websites
  • Corporate mobile websites
  • e-Commerce mobile websites
  • Social networking mobile websites
  • Photo galleries
  • Online catalogs
  • Dynamic mobile websites
  • File sharing mobile websites
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