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Technology Platforms | Open Source and Microsoft Technologies - Square Melons, Inc

Technology Platforms

Web technologies are constantly evolving, which is why we believe that a web development company needs to embrace the latest technologies and adapt all the time to stay at the forefront of new technology. At Square Melons, that’s precisely what we do. We use the latest software development technologies available, including patented Microsoft software, to offer you the best web development services in Houston. Square Melons is a Microsoft certified web development company.

The Microsoft Technology Platform

Using a Microsoft software development platform allows us to seamlessly integrate the latest web technologies into the applications and services we are developing for our customers, as well as to provide quick turnarounds on projects. We specialize in ASP.NET development and .NET development. Microsoft is constantly updating and improving its software, and all our projects reflect those changes.

The Advantages of Using a Microsoft Technology Platform for Web Development

  • Quick turn-around time
  • Seamless integration with essential technologies such as JAVA, AJAX, C, C++, and C#
  • Safe and secure development processes
  • Microsoft support
  • Large user community
  • Frequent updates that continually improve the platform

Open source Technology Platforms

We understand that open source software and web development platforms can help cut development costs, which is why they are preferred by some of our customers. Our web development experts are well versed in open source platforms and capable of developing exciting web-based solutions with dynamic web design on any of the major open source platforms. We specialize in PHP development, PHP MySQL development, and Joomla development, but we can also provide innovative solutions using any other open source platform depending on your needs.

The Advantages of Using an Open-Source Technology Platform for Web Development

  • More affordable than Microsoft platforms
  • Free updates which are easy to install
  • Enhanced with free add-ons and plug-ins developed by talented programmers from around the world
  • Many open source frameworks to choose from, including Joomla, PHP, phpBB, Drupal, Magento, and WordPress
  • Ideal for custom content management system development, web-based software applications, elegant web design & development, and blogs